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周展程師傅的太極班被印度旅遊網站Different Doors 列為"香港十大必做事情之一"。Different Doors 是一個專門介紹豪華酒店,難忘經驗和美味食物的知名網站。


“Had a private Tai Chi session with Master Chow Chin Ching at 陳氏太極拳香港總會/ Chen Style Tai Chi Institute of Hong Kong this morning and my legs feel like jelly. The original school of Tai Chi Chuen started over 600 years ago, and he knew so much about its history, since his grandfather and father were renowned Kung Fu masters. Ps: it's actually a lot closer to martial arts and certainly not as relaxing and quiet as we think. I worked up quite the sweat during this session!”

Different Doors香港十大必做事情之一

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