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Private Courses - Overseas

Individuals or groups who want to learn Kung Fu but are not able to make it to our Institute in Hong Kong, can invite Master Chow Chin Ching to their country to hold master classes.

Master Chow, an inheritor of Mantis Kung Fu who was listed by Kung Fu Celebrity Archive of Beijing as a prestigious Kung Fu Master Of China, will share his knowledge of this ancient and traditional Chinese art form with students who have a desire to understand and learn the true essence of Martial arts.

Courses can be personally designed to meet your goals, learn natural ways to maintain and improve overall health or find out more about the secret and powerful traditional Kung Fu side of Mantis.  Upon request, Master Chow will also give different kinds of Tai Chi and Shao Lin Kung Fu demonstrations.

Barcelona , Spain.
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Contact Information

Phone:    28-505-606
Email:     info@kungfuclasshongkong.com

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