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Private Courses - Individual

Master Chow Chin Ching, inheritor of Mantis Kung Fu and listed by Kung Fu Celebrity Archive of Beijing as a prestigious Kung Fu Master Of China, will pass on his knowledge of this ancient and traditional Chinese art form to those students who have a desire to understand and learn the true essence of Martial arts.  Whether looking for a natural way to heal an ailment, wanting to maintain and improve overall health  or a passion for learning the powerful traditional Kung Fu aspect of this art form, with personal one on one training, Master Chow will tailor design a course to specifically address individual goals.

Master Chow training a German Kung Fu Master Visting Hong Kong

 1 class per week
 1 hour per class
4 6000 x 1 month    6000
12 5600 x 3 months   16800
24 5200 x 6 months   31200
48 4800 x 12 months 57600

Total Fee:  Tuition plus HKD80 (T-shirt ).T-shirt must be worn to class.

Contact Information

Phone:    28-505-606
Email:     info@kungfuclasshongkong.com

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